A book review on the history of Chinese publishing industry

The July issue of JIPLP includes two short pieces of mine: one on the Hungarian parody ruling, and another book review on Fei-Hsien Wang’s brilliant book on the copyright history of publishing houses in China.

The book review might be available via JIPLP’s website here. It starts as follows:

This reviewer had the privilege to introduce another book on Chinese copyright law in the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice back in 2019. Tianxiang He’s publication focussed on the copyright challenges of fan fiction and fan creations, these being challenges also known to European scholars and practitioners alike. This time, we shall keep our eyes on a different, but equally important volume, that fully complies with this journal’s name and objectives. Its author, Fei-Hsien Wang introduces a less known dimension of the history of Chinese copyright law: how this field of law has developed through private practice during the 19th and 20th centuries.

I can only recommend everyone to purchase this rich book. It was a great inspiration to me to dig into the deeper details of Chinese copyright history.

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