Recommendations of Academics on Article 17

Article 17 of the Copyright in the Digital Single Market (CDSM) Directiveis a „hot topics”. It gained significant attention (as Article 13 in the original draft) from academics, policy makers and business entities as well. The Commission has organised stakeholder dialgoues in order to sort out all possible concerns regarding the implementation of Article 17 by the Member States. Various IP scholars, including this one here in Hungary, have signed an open letter of recommendations how to reach the best compromise in this highly troublesome issue.

As the Recommendations worth the time of reading, I don’t repeat any part of it here. Indeed – living with my freedom to link to the document, let me only share a quote from Joao Pedro Quintais’ blogpost on Kluwer Copyright blog, where he has collected all the relevant spots where the Recommendations might be found. Please take a look at the document, if you are interested in Article 17 (or the value gap issue).

The Recommendations are available here, as well as at and

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