Call for Papers: CICL 2018 in Milan

Bocconi University (Milan) will host the 10th Annual Conference on Innovation and Communications Law (CICL) on 3 and 4 May, 2018.

This year’s conference is organized by ASK Research Center in conjunction with the School of Law of Bocconi University.

Launched in July 2008, this annual conference series has been jointly organized by Michigan State University College of Law (USA), Texas A&M University School of Law (USA), the University of Eastern Finland Law School (Finland), the University of Louisville School of Law (USA), the University of Turku Faculty of Law (Finland), and IPR University Center (Finland).

The conference’s theme varies from year to year, just as its location, and new attendees this year will join an already well-established community:

CICL 2008 – 17-18 July, 2008 in Turku, Finland (University of Turku)
CICL 2009 – 21-22 August, 2009 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA (University of Louisville)
CICL 2011 – 29-31 May, 2011 in Melbourne, Australia (La Trobe University)
CICL 2012 – 24-25 May, 2012 in Turku, Finland (University of Turku and Åbo Akademi
CICL 2013 – 14-16 May, 2013 in Traverse City, Michigan, USA (Michigan State University)
CICL 2014 – 2-3 July, 2014 in Leeds, England (University of Leeds)
CICL 2015 – 6-7 July, 2015 in Xiamen, China (Xiamen University)
CICL 2016 – 25-26 May, 2016 in Joensuu, Finland (University of Eastern Finland)
CICL 2017 – 29-30 May, 2017 in Szeged, Hungary (University of Szeged)

The organisers of CICL 2018 invite papers on the theme:

IP for the Future: Innovation, Communication and Technology Management Intellectual property is a tool for promoting innovation and growth, disseminating innovation and expression, and protecting and preserving traditional knowledge. Intellectual property rights protection and management are essential within numerous sectors, in order to safeguard innovation. Furthermore, it is essential to understand how intellectual property and communication law can be best coordinated, in particular when they deal with new technologies. Moreover, we are witnessing a digital transformation seeping into every industry and sector, and pushing companies around the globe to take advantage of the new digital technologies (artificial intelligence; cloud computing; etc.). Thus, an overhauling of companies’ IP strategies is urgently needed.

The organisers are glad to host the CICL in its 10th anniversary. As far as the conference venue is concerned, in October 2017 Milan has been named an UNESCO creative city. Over the last decade Milan has been undertaking a profound transformation mainly fostered by the engagement of its citizens through the use of innovative technologies, which has resulted in the adoption and offer of new and ‘intelligent’ services.

Therefore, the organisers of CICL 2018 would like to invite papers on legal or related issues in:
1) innovation law, e.g. digital single market (DSM); artificial intelligence; intermediaries; social media; UGC; digital technologies; technology and public engagement; open data;
2) communications law, e.g. digital rights management; fake news; streaming; right-to-beforgotten; liability of intermediaries;
3) IP law and literacy, e.g. policies and best practices; public and private projects; awareness of IP rights.
Maria Lillà Montagnani and Laura Zoboli are in charge of organizing the conference at Bocconi University, while abstracts will be reviewed by the CICL consortium on a rolling basis.

You may submit your abstract for consideration at:

To receive full consideration, please submit your abstract by 18 March 2018.

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