Upcoming Conference: IP/IT Colloquium & ReCreating Conference on Video Games

This year has also been a real dump of conferences for Copy21 bloggers, and to keep you busy, there will be a few more events where we will report on our H2020 research results since January 2020. This is the case for the sort of „double” conference „The Second IP/IT Colloquium & ReCreating Europe Conference on Video Games – Accessibility and Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age”, which will take place on 10-11 November.

As the very long title suggests, on the first day of the event, Ph.D. researchers will present the results of their ongoing research, ranging from the music industry, Chinese copyright and hyperlinks, to copyright and related legal issues concerning tattoos and performers, as well as IT issues from the platform economy. Beyond the presentations, the core of the first part will be discussion, as participants will not only have the task of listening wisely but also of critiquing each other’s achievements and providing constructive comments.

On the second day, we will turn the field into real fun, namely video games. We will touch upon the various contractual issues of artificial intelligence in the world of video games, the issues raised by eSports, preservation as cultural heritage, the state of the video game industry in China, and the possibilities for protection, but also NFTs, and data protection. Criticism will no longer be „obligatory”, but all speakers will welcome constructive comments, and we look forward to exchanging views after the presentations.