No Time to Laugh – a blogpost on parody

I am thrilled that the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice accepted my short manuscript on the analysis of a recent Hungarian court ruling regarding the (not implemented) parody exception. The abbreviated version of the analysis is published on JIPLP’s blog today.

The post (and the article) starts as follows…

Hungary is one of those EU Member States that did not implement the parody exception of the InfoSoc Directive. In the first ever court of appeals level decision on parody (reference No 8.Pf.20.424/2019/5), the Municipal Court of Appeals has confirmed that the parody defence is unavailable under Hungarian copyright law due to the lack of an express statutory recognition.

Should you be interested in the full post, click here.

Should you be interested in the full manuscript, click here.

Should you be interested in a detailed Hungarian language analysis of the ruling, read Dávid Ujhelyi’s superb piece here.

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