169 European Academics Warn Against Press Publishers’ Right

Although I like many elements of the much awaited Digital Single Market reform of the EU, there are at least two Articles in the proposal (Article 11 & 13) that I personally disfavor. A recent statement – written by 3 notable scholars and undersigned by altogether 169 professors, including me – warns against the backside of Article 11, the press publishers’ right.

The starting paragraphs are as follows:

„We, the undersigned 169 scholars [of whom 100 are full professors] working in the fields of intellectual property, internet law, human rights law and journalism studies at universities all over Europe write to oppose the proposed press publishers’ right.

Article 11 of the proposal for a Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, as it currently stands following negotiations in the EU Council and Parliament, is a bad piece of legislation.”

You can read the whole statement on the IViR’s website (including the notable list of signatories).

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