European Law&Tech Network September 2017

After joining the European Law&Tech Network, I will have access to a nice selection of information on positions, events and many more each month. I am happy to share these information with the English speaking readers of the blog.


University of Heidelberg, PhD position in Doctoral Research Group on Digital Law

In a joint initiative, the Faculties of Law and of Mathematics and Computer Science of Heidelberg University, Germany’s eldest university (established in 1386), in collaboration with Ulm University offer the opportunity to achieve a doctoral degree in the newly founded Doctoral Research Group “Digital Law” for highly qualified graduate students or the opportunity to an associated membership for highly qualified undergraduate students. Members of the Research Group will lay groundwork for the algorithmization of law, work on issues of legal theory concerning the use of artificial intelligence in law and reflect on the methodical and constitutional requirements for the use of self-learning and with probability-based working systems. The events of the program will be attended by the members of the Research Group, ideally a tandem with a course member from the other faculty will be formed: (see attachment for more information)


Information and Data: The Road Ahead – The 5th Petar Šarčević International Scientific Conference (Opatija, 6-7 October 2017)

The 5th Petar Šarčević International Scientific Conference is a two-day event dedicated to issues of protection of confidential information, business secrets and personal data in the context of technological advancement and resulting economic and social developments. These topics are important both for the ones whose information and data are at stake and those who have an interest in knowing or using them. Given the recent EU legislation and case-law, the need for compliance is pressuring upon not only EU-based companies, but also others whose operations involve EU residents:

Legal Design Summit (Helsinki, 1 November 2017)

Terms of service that no one reads? Check. Contracts by lawyers, for lawyers? Check. This needs to change:

JURIX 2017: The 30th international conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems (Luxembourg City, 13-15 December 2017)

For 30 years, the JURIX conference has provided an international forum for research on the intersection of Law, Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems, under the auspices of The JURIX Foundation for Legal Knowledge Systems:


Hacker, Philipp, Corporate Governance for Complex Cryptocurrencies (August 2017).

Magnuson, William J, Regulating Fintech (August 2017). Vanderbilt Law Review, forthcoming.

Sklaroff, Jeremy M, Smart Contracts and the Cost of Inflexibility (September 2017). University of Pennsylvania Law Review, forthcoming.


The AI Podcast:

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