Questionnaire on Brussels I bis

I received an email yesterday from the European Chamber of Bailiffs. As the research they are currently conducting is focusing on the Brussels I Regulation, which has a clear connection to copyright law, it is my pleasure to share the most relevant part of the email with the readers of this blog. Please answer to the questionnaire, should you have interest and time doing so.

„The European Chamber of Bailiffs ( is currently conducting a European project „Comparative study on the application of European Regulation Brussels I bis,” with the Council of Notaries of the European Union (CNUE) and the training school of Portuguese Bailiffs (ISCAL), which began in early January 2016.

This study aims at identifying the practice of the Brussels I Regulation bis in 9 Member States of the European Union and establishing, in addition of a study report, fact sheets to enhance mutual understanding between the Bailiffs/Notaries of the Member States and facilitate the use of this instrument.

To collect relevant information, a questionnaire was drawn up by a Scientific committee composed of Bailiffs, Notaries and Law Professors.

Please find hereafter the links to the questionnaire in: Hungarian, English, French.

We would be very grateful if you could disseminate this questionnaire to your Legal Hungarian experts so that we could get relevant answers as soon as possible.”

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