Platforms under control? – A guest post on IDEAS IN ALL blog

Upon the kind invitation of Delia Ferri (Maynooth University), I wrote a short post on platforms and the DSA/copyright overlaps. The post came in light of the recent European Copyright Society Opinion on this matter.

The blog starts as follows:

Most of the European Union (EU) legislation on platforms was introduced in a period that we currently call “web 1.0”. During the early years of the internet, websites offered “read only” experience, rather than interactivity and user engagement. The early legislative acts in the USA and the EU have contributed to the emergence of brand-new business models. The platformisation – based on the safe harbours granted for (certain) service providers – has generated a brand new (“read/write”) internet culture, something we refer to as “web 2.0”. For a while, social media’s contribution to modern society was hailed as the new democratisation of life, but those sentiments have since then gone, partially due to platforms’ excessive content moderation practices.

The full post can be accessed here. Enjoy and comment!